Rad reviews: Temple Spa Double Cream

templespa double cream 50ml

I love it when a random purchase becomes a ‘can’t live without it’ staple product and thats exactly what happened when I picked up Temple Spa’s Double Cream. I was actually looking to try Temple Spa’s Skin Truffle but at £80 for a 50ml, I thought i’d start with another product in the range first. I’m so glad I did because thanks to this pot of amazing, my skin has never looked more hydrated and healthy.

Cost: £37 for 50ml

Packaging: The pot is a good size, easy to travel with and comes encased in a plastic box. It definately looks luxurious.

The moisturiser has a soft rich texture and has a light pleasant scent. Because it’s quite rich, I found that I only need to use a little. Too much and it can appear greasy but when used under foundation it gives my skin a beautiful dewy glow. For me personally, I’ve also noticed an improvement in the condition of my skin, making it more radiant, firm, moisturised and clear. From a price perspective, I bought this in January, my husband and I use the moisturiser on a daily basis and it has only just run out! Not bad going for what it does and how long it lasts -no wonder I’m obsessed with it.

Temple Spa products can be purchased from the Temple Spa website and from Selfridges.



  1. Must Have Boxes · · Reply

    This product sounds fab!

    – KW

  2. Thanks KW! Are you hoping to try the other Temple Spa products? I might be reviewing the cleansers soon 🙂

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