Rad Reviews: Nars Soulshine blush palette


Nars Soulshine Blush palette


Nars Soulshine Blush palette swatch


Nars Soulshine Blush palette

I couldn’t wait to try the Nars Soulshine blush palette at home after swatching it at Space.NK (see my earlier post). The first picture above was taken after several uses and you can already see that the Nars written in gold shimmer had already gone. Though I’m not quite sure if this is actually a bad thing because it doesn’t really take or add anything to the blush in particular, for me anyway. The palette is a good size, you get a good amount for £35 and I like that all three shades are flattering when worn together or on their own.

The blush is super soft, easy to apply and blends out well leaving a subtle shimmer. Because of its very soft texture, it is easy to get a lot on the brush so apply gently! The second picture shows the three different colours in the palette: Peachy pink with gold shimmer, Sheer golden apricot and Soft rose tone with golden shimmer. The two pink shades are stunning blushers and the golden apricot shade makes a pretty highlight. The third photo shows all three blushes used together (apologies if it doesn’t show too well on the photo!)

Overall, I found that the colours and the quality of the product justifies its price and at £35 it is good value as you only need to use a little at a time. The finish is pretty and flattering, adding a touch of shimmer. I also like that I’m able to mix/ swirl the blushers to get other shades. My next purchase might possibly be the Realm of Senses blush palette given how much I love this palette!

Nars Soulshine blush palette is limited edition and exclusive to Space.NK.


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