Rad Spotlight: Anthropolgie

Anthropologie for me has always been an intriguing because the style of clothes and products they sell are unlike any other store. I always find something I love but I’ve been a little too intimidated to shop there. Maybe because I feel that the style has always reminded me of a well travelled rich girl. Nothing wrong with a well travelled rich girl, though I’m a little far from that image (oh to have the money to travel the world!) Having said that though, the clothes remind me of my trips to Africa, Asia and even the good ol’ English countryside. So since I’m so in love with the dresses, tops…ok everything… I NEED to buy at least one thing from Anthropologie. If you too are feeling inspired, check out my favourite picks below. Be warned though, these might make you shop!

Anthropologie Ruffled Hem Pullover

Anthropologie Naya Maxi Dress

Anthropologie Ruffled Calin Blazer

Anthropologie Fantasia Stitched Pencil Skirt

Anthropologie Basilica Shift Dress

Anthropologie Emeline Tulle Skirt

Shop these beautiful pieces from Anthropologie.


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