Rad Reviews: YSL Marrakesh Sunset Palette

YSL Marrakesh Sunset Palette

The Yves Saint Laurent Marrakesh Sunset Palette was released as part of the Summer 2013 collection. I bought this a couple of months ago and have used it to create a number of different looks for both night and day. The name of the palette hints colourful “sunset” eyes and the shades: dark brown, bright peach, light gold, bright gold and deep purple, definitely work with the Marrakech sunset name.

The RAD list - YSL Marrakesh sunset palette review  1

All 5 shades work really well together and you can mix and match easily to create different combinations. The eyeshadows have a lot of sparkle/ glitter though, so you might want to save the palette for night rather than day depending on your preference. I’ve worn the lighter colours during the day and its been fine but try and use primer which helps the glitter stay put.

The RAD list - YSL Marrakesh sunset paletteThe RAD list - YSL Marrakesh sunset palette

The colour payoff on some of the eyeshadows is a little disappointing: the light gold and bright gold shades really need to be layered on for it to show up, which sometimes means more glitter than colour. The purple and brown shades are quite pigmented and not as glittery as the lighter shades. I’ve yet to try other YSL palettes so it might just be that this particular palette has a slightly poorer colour payoff than others.

The RAD list - YSL Marrakesh Palette The RAD list - YSL Marrakesh Palette

Overall, I’ve used this palette to create versatile looks for both day and night – if you don’t like sparkly eyeshadows, this might not be a palette you reach for often, but if you do then this is pretty good. The colours are pretty and easily blendable. They’re not so pigmented though which might be a letdown for some. I’m quite happy with this and am looking forward to buying other palettes in the YSL range.


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