Rad Spotlight: RMK Autumn 2013 collection

Radlist RMK autumn 2013

RMK Autumn 2013

RMK are one of my favourite cosmetic brands because like Suqqu, the quality is amazing. To be honest, the photo above doesn’t do much for me except maybe the eye makeup which is a burnt leaves type pretty which is perfect for autumn. Anyway I still checked out the collection at Selfridges. The collection consists of:

Radlist rmk eyes 2013

5 Ingenious cream and powder eyes (comes with a restractable brush)

The Ingenious cream and powder eyes are beautifully packaged in an twist silver cube and come in 5 beautiful shades: 01. Silver Gold/ 02. Beige Gold/ 03. Purple/ 04. Silver Green/ 05. Brown Gold. Each eyeshadow has a cream and powder compartment, is a good size and also comes with a retractable brush. The cream eyeshadow is used as a base and the formula is creamy soft and applies easily. Its a solid opaque colour and compliments the powder eyeshadow well. The powder eyeshadow is almost like a soft glitter that is applied on top of the eyeshadow base. I guess because the cream has a fair amount of moisture, the powder stays put. I can’t really see both bits being used without one another as it is designed that way, but you could always try a different eyeshadow base with these.

My favourite is the brown gold which the model is wearing, followed by the purple – both give a really pretty sultry eye.  There were two main reasons why I didn’t buy them though – packaging, if in a rush (like I always am) can be annoying to use because its not easy to twist the packaging open to reveal the eyeshadows and the cream base also has a seperate pull out lid designed to stop the cream eyeshadow from drying. I also found the powder eyeshadow to be quite glittery. It doesn’t look bad but I have so many glitter eyeshadows already and at the time, couldn’t justify buying them. Having thought it through though, I will go back and buy these because they look so good worn.

Radlist RMK cheeks_loupe

3 Sheer powder cheeks

My experience of RMK blushers are that they are very pigmented so you only need to use a little but they are a bit difficult to blend and smooth out. They do leave a pretty finish though – they don’t contain much glitter which is refreshing. Of the 3 shades: Natural pink, natural beige and natural rose, the natural rose shade was my favourite (I already have a neon pink shade which oddly enough resembles the natural pink shade!) RMK blushers usually last around 7 hours on me which is amazing for a blush as most fade between 4-6 hours. I didn’t buy these shades either but I will probably stock up on natural rose.

RMK lips_loupe

2 Irresistible lips B & Gloss lips N

I’m not a huge fan of any type of gloss so I skipped these in favour of trying out the two lipsticks in Coral Beige and Coral Pink. However, given the RMK quality, I’m sure these are probably very good lipglosses. The lipstick Coral Beige was a little daring as a nude shade for me which would work so much better against a lighter skintone but nevertheless, its a natural every day colour. I did buy the lipstick in Coral Pink though. I felt like I should get something from the collection and opted for lipsticks which is the one product that I am beyond obsessed with. The colour was actually similar to some I already own (some Suqqu and MAC colours) but the finish was a little unusual which I wasn’t sure was a good thing until I wore it. The finish has a sparkly look, but the lustre is quite fine, so it adds almost a richness to the colour. The great thing about the lipstick is that it is really moistursing and in no way uncomfortable to wear all day (I’ve had experiences of some lipsticks being too uncomfortable because they are so hydrating!) The colour is a pretty light pink and I really like it – it’s quickly becoming one of my favourites after only a few applications!

I highly recommend checking out all the products from this collection which is also available to buy from Selfridges.


  1. I’ve heard a lot about RMK…thanks for the great post…you’ve motivated me to go out and buy some products:)

    1. Thank you 🙂 alot of people know about Suqqu but less about RMK which is a younger sister brand and is cheaper even though the quality is the same!

      1. Yes, I’ve heard of Suqqu through the lovely & talented Miss Eldridge. But I never knew that about RMK. Thanks for the heads-up!

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