Suqqu Frame Fix Foundation N – New formula launch

Radlist Suqqu new foundation launch

Suqqu fans will be excited to hear that the popular Frame Fix Cream Foundation has a new and improved formula! The Suqqu Frame Fix Cream Foundation N, will launch on 26th September 2013 at Selfridges.

Suqqu claims: ‘Now featuring our original “Beauty Syrup”, the new foundation glides like a rich moisturising cream. With its rich honey-like texture this syrup allows the foundation to form an extra thin film to fit perfectly and lock moisture in. Your skin achieves a smooth, fully hydrated appearance with refined lustre.’

Sounds very tempting and thankfully I stopped myself from buying the old formula last month (a sign methinks!) So if you wanna check out the foundation that’s probably going to change my life (ok, bit of an exaggeration…) you might want to head over to the New Foundation Launch Event.

Dates: Thursday 26th September- Sunday 27th October 2013

For more information contact your nearest SUQQU counter:
Selfridges Beauty Hall London: 0207 318 3956
Selfridges Birmingham: 0121 600 6816
Selfridges Manchester Exchange Square: 0161 838 0605

*£40 booking fee applies. Redeemable against any SUQQU purchase on the day.


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