Rad Beauty: MAC Spring ’14 Trend Forecast Palette & Rubenesque Paintpot

I’ve been posting a hell of a lot on beauty recently. Please excuse my need to do this as it’s probably the first time that my love of fashion has been overtaken by my love of beauty. One of the reasons is that there is some really good stuff out there at the moment in terms of skincare and makeup, and I’ll be frank, my blog may not get you the exposure to everything fashion/ beauty related out there in the interwebworld but I do hope to give honest opinions about the products that I’ve bought and tested. After all, everything I test, i’ve bought, so it really not right of me to give a biased review. Another reason for posting about beauty is if I think a product is worth checking out and it’s been on your list too, I hope that it helps you make informed decisions. I’m not here to tell you what will look good on you – everyone’s different but I hope I can at least recommend some products that you’ve gone on to try and liked.

Anyway, on to the good stuff. So today I bought some goodies and am awaiting some more over the next week. If there is one, ok two things I would really recommend checking out it’s the MAC Spring ’14 Lip Palette and MAC paintpot in Rubenesque.

Radlist MAC Spring 14 lip paletteRadlist MAC SS14 new york 22

MAC Spring ’14 Trend Forecast Lip Palette (Limited edition)

This lip palette was seen everywhere backstage at fashion week, used by MAC artists to create some truly beautiful looks. Check out some of the photos I posted earlier showing the looks from New York and London. The palette contains SS14’s standout shades of Lipstick, from golden peach to pearlescent pink, including Trendy Twist, Pick-Me-Up Pink, April Flowers, Spring Fling, In the Mode and New Groove. Amplified and frost finishes. This palette is Limited edition.

Now i’m not a huge fan of any kind of lip palette but this one is just wow! I’m actually surprised that all those colours worked really well on me, the formula is great and the colours – seriously if you are looking for a sexy lip palette, this is it. I’m not going to do a full blown review on this as it’s limited edition and may not be available for long, but i’ll give you a lowdown on the colours.

  • Trendy Twist is a light coral colour, its a pretty nude – its not as pale as Mac Myth which can sometimes look ridiculously pale.
  • Pick-Me-Up pink is such a sexy light pink, I mean seriously they NEED to make this a permanent lipstick shade. It is quite similar to MAC Please Me, another one of my favourites. It’s a light but bright pink and looks super hot.
  • April Flowers is another stunning coral pink. This again is such a pretty colour, brighter and more coral toned – this really needs to be a permanent shade too.
  • Spring Fling is like a mauve pink on me. I can see this colour working well with any skintone and any type of makeup look, so its a great versatile shade to own.
  • In the Mode was surprisingly brighter than it appears in the pan. Its like a medium red shade and looks very glam.
  • Lastly New Groove was a little surprising – it’s like a pink/brown shade that at first I thought didn’t work with my skin but actually it makes a subtle everyday lipstick and as a good base for applying other colours on top as it really enhances the colours.

Ok the bad news is that it is sold out on the MAC UK website. If you really want it, check out your nearest pro store or try mail order! *PS. I also have the MAC Spring ’14 Trend Forecast Eye Palette. Though not as amazing as the lip one, it’s still pretty good with some nice colours – this was also used backstage a lot! Get the best results by applying with your fingers and not a brush!

Radlist MAC Rubenesque paintpot

MAC Paintpot in Rubenesque (permanent)

This is a fantastic rose gold shade with a true colour payoff. It reminds me of Tom Ford Escapade mainly for its payoff and weartime though they are very different products in terms of formula (Escapade is creamier) and colour (Escapade is lighter). I wore this with the shades in the MAC Spring ’14 palette and every single lip colour works well with this. I’m so impressed! This paintpot is permanent so you can buy directly from the MAC online store or shops.


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