Rad Beauty: Holiday 2013 Collections


So we’re in October yet beauty brands are already launching their Holiday 2013 collections. Now i’m a little on the fence with this because 1) Its too early for me to think about any type of holiday at the moment – did I mention that it is only October? I want to appreciate the little warmth there is left of Autumn 2) My makeup stash just isn’t ready for all that sparkle and 3) with all this amazing Autumn make-up that I still haven’t got round to buying, it’ll make me want to skip those in favour of newer products.

Ok and here’s the part where I try to justify why I will probably buy Holiday 2013 products now instead of the lovely Autumn ones that have been on my wishlist. 1) WOW, have you actually seen the amazing products that are launching? 2) Buying now will probably ease the pressure off my (oh no not the ‘C’ word) Christmas spend and 3) with such a massive list of makeup to buy, I’d better start now if I want it all!

For those that have already been defeated by the beauty holiday questions and use the following mantra “ugh just shut up and take my money already”, here’s a little gallery to make you swoon, drool and err cry?!

P.s. I wish I was rich – that entire MAC Divine night/ stoke of midnight collection and NARS Guy Bourdin collection is truly beautiful.


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