Get inspired, get fit!

Radlist fitness8

This summer I really tried to stick to a solid exercise routine by doing pilates, dance and other fitness classes but a few months in, after noticing some results, I stopped. At the time I blamed this on my busy work schedule when I’d actually gotten lazy. I’ve spent the past few weeks trying to get back to the same fitness level I was before I stopped and oh my is it difficult to start again. Feeling run down and unhealthy, I promised myself that I would make fitness my priority and will aim for at least one fitness activity a week so that I can see some improvements to my overall health and fitness levels.

If anyone is debating whether to start working out again, do it, don’t put it off as it’ll only get more difficult in the long run. To motivate me, I created a board on pinterest with workouts, body inspiration ideas and quotes. I also follow two amazing blogs that inspire me to continue my fitness journey: Pumps and Iron – Nicole has brilliant workouts and healthy recipes and Fitsugar for the fitness videos and health articles that are a great read.

I hope the gallery below will inspire you!

All images from Pinterest!

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