Rad List: Comme Des Garçons Patchwork Metal Wallet

Radlist CDG Patchwork Metal Wallet

CDG Patchwork Metal Wallet

This time last year, Comme des Garçons released an amazing range of limited edition wallets in stunning jewel like colours in dotted embossed metallic leather. I had never seen anything quite like it and after drooling over every single day for two weeks, I gave in. It’s the best decision I made because my wallet is still stunning, in mint condition and still has everyone commenting/ asking where it’s from. I would like to emphasise that the quality is so ridiculously good that I am certain I will not be buying another wallet in the next few years as a replacement and if I do buy another wallet, i’ll be to purely to satisfy my urges of owning another stunning one that I can drool over.

Radlist CDG Patchwork Metal Wallet2

This year, Comme des Garçons have released this beautiful limited edition Patchwork Metal wallet. The inside is just as stunning as the outside with its bottle green sheen. The wallet comes in a number of shapes, so check out the rest of the range here. If you love this as much as I do, I would really reccommend buying this soon as they sell out pretty quick. This would make one heck of an awesome Christmas present!


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