Rad List: YSL Beauty Blossom collector palette

Radlist YSL Blossom Palette

Well I’ve had a totally crazy few weeks! It’s nice to finally get my head around things and start to write again about all the exciting beauty stuff I’m looking forward to trying and buying 😉 in the next few weeks, starting with this wowzer of a blush palette by YSL, called the Beauty Blossom Collector Palette (£32 from Selfridges). This beautiful limited edition palette celebrates the Chinese New Year and has two pretty textures, matte and shimmer – also the packaging is super pretty! I don’t know about you but this screams cherry blossom to me and I’ve got that cherryade taste going too! But YSL always ahead of the curve have also just released a Spring 2014 (err, Its still 2013 AND winter!) blush palette called YSL Palette Teint Collector (£42.50 from Harrods). I don’t know which palette I prefer more – the gold in this palette is striking. I guess I’ll just have to get both….

Radlist YSL Palette Teint Collector





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