Rad Reviews: Una Brennan Superfacialist Neroli products

Radlist Una Brennan

These past few months I’ve tried various skincare samples by different brands to work out which ones suit my skin so that I can have a normal skincare routine with good staple products. Although some of the samples were brilliant for my normal to dry skin not to mention expensive, I took a bit of risk with choosing a more budget friendly product I’ve never tried before over the pricey ones I have. I bought Una Brennan’s Superfacialist Neroli Daily Brightening Cleanser (150ml) and Neroli Super Lift SPF15 Day Cream (50ml) from boots around 6 weeks ago and use it every day.

The Neroli Daily Brightening Cleanser is a thick clear gel – I really only need a pea sized amount to get a good foam on the skin and because of this, it really is a value for money product as you get tons (I use it daily both morning and night and i’m about a quarter way through). I am a little disappointed with the smell. I find that the chemical scent overshadows the Neroli, which in itself is also quite strong. I can see that this may turn some people off immediately. I find that the cleanser leaves my skin clean and slightly dry, but not to the extent of having to reach for cream right away. Over the past few weeks it has given my skin good balance. I don’t use the cleanser to take off makeup, so not sure how effective it is for that.

The Neroli Super Lift SPF15 Day Cream has a thick creamy consistency. It is soft, easy to apply and leaves a moisturing film on the skin before slowly sinking in. The smell of the Neroli is also strong in this product but I’ve not found this to have the strong chemical smell that the cleanser has, so it is a lot more pleasant to use. I’ve been using the cream for 6 weeks and my skin feels a lot firmer and has stayed hydrated. Other than that, I haven’t really noticed a drastic visible improvement to my skin. There is still tons of the cream left as I’ve not even got to the quarter mark yet which definitely nods to the value for money aspect.

Overall, both products are great value for money as they do work as intended. I don’t think it suits or adds to what I’m looking for in a cleanser and cream so when these run out I don’t think I’ll buy them again. Having said that though, I would recommend these products to someone who wants cost effective, fuss free skincare that keeps skin clean and firm.

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